People Tab

The PEOPLE database/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature (a Premium-tier feature) enables you
to sort your customers into custom segments according to their personal information, purchase history, event
history, email opening rates, referral history and many other data points.

This tab displays the customer's first name, last name, age, DOB, phone, email address, and address for all contacts in events past and present inside the whole organization (all events), including any information migrated from past Registration Center events. The number of contacts in People depends on certain factors:
  • Contacts from Registration Center that have not been imported or migrated
  • Duplicates are filtered and will only appear once in the list of contacts
  • Records with bad data (missing emails or strange symbols) will not be displayed

Our last release exposed more information from a customer’s record, this release further rearranges their record
in the EVENTS tab to make it easier for you to manage their orders and to enable quicker navigation to a
registration ID and order ID. New information includes registration STATUS, REGISTRATION #, ORDER #, PRICE TYPE and Merchandise fulfillment.

Participants Tab

Displays the contact and registration information for each participant in a particular event. Some items of interest regarding the Participants tab include:
  • The number of records found displays in the lower left corner
  • This contact list is specific for each event, not to an organization
Note: Information regarding T-shirt sizes in the Participant Tab will not be displayed if the additional purchase option you have selected to represent shirts is not the original default 'Included T-shirt' option generated at the creation of the event.