Below are the steps to add filter on existing registration database to create an email recipient list. If you are trying to upload your own email contact lists, you can check out the other help article on Import Email Recipient List
  1. Click EMAIL
  2. On Regular Email, click New
  3. Select Add list
User-added image
  1. Select Add filtered recipients
User-added image
  1. Use the filters provided to build recipient list:
    1. Choose who you want to email 
      1. Send to participants in specific events will allow you to search for and select specific events, categories, and price types to email
      2. Send to all event participants will select all participants who have registered for events hosted by your organization in ACTIVE Works
      3. Send to all contacts will select every contact in the People tab. This can be a useful option for event directors who have used ACTIVE Registration Center in the past
    2. Choose Registration date range
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  1. Click Next
  2. (Optional) Add additional Filter (Age, Gender, Location) if necessary 
  3. Click Next
  4. (Optional) Select Save this list to use it again in the future and rename the list
  5. A filtered recipient list has been saved successfully, you can either Cancel to leave the page or continue creating an email