Below are the steps to create a new email:
  1. Click EMAIL
  2. On Regular email, select New
  3. Edit From name and Reply to
  4. Add email recipient list using one of the available options:
                     User-added image
  1.  Add Description name
  2. Select Create new email or Select an existing template
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  1. Edit email content and subject > Save & Continue
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Note: For more information about the email editor, see Email Tool Upgrade
       8. Preview email and set delivery schedule
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Note: On trigger details can be found in Trigger Emails On or After Recipient Actions
  1.  (optional) Associated events: To track email statistics by event, select the event(s) associated with this email
  2. Click Send

Note: To enhance security, before you can send an email from the Email tool, you must now enter an identity verification code that is sent to your registered email address
  • The verification code is valid for 5 minutes after it is first emailed out.
  • If you fail to receive the verification code email after 60 seconds, then you can click the Resend button to resend the code email.
  • Entering an incorrect verification code more than 5 times will block the verification process for 5 minutes.
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