Email templates can be saved to use again in the future. It's recommended to draft your email as a template in prior to sending emails.

Below is a list of steps for creating a new email template for emails written in the new premium email tool:
  1. Click EMAIL
  2. On Regular templates tab, click New
  3. Within Template Editor, add items from the right hand side to email content area on the left by drag and drop
    • Note: Items available for selection include:
  • Images
  • Buttons
  • Rich Text (with customizable fonts and font sizes, styling, colors, etc.)
  • HTML Code
  • Dividers
  • Social media
User-added image
  1. After items are added, continue to edit content on the left
  2. Type in a Template name 
  3. Click Save to save this template for sending emails or future editing
Note: All users of ACTIVEWorks have now been automatically upgraded (as per the notifications over the last few months) to our most advanced integrated email tool. This platform allows you to deliver highly personalized emails for both marketing and event information. Check Email Tool Upgrade for more information.