On Feb 25th 2020, ActiveWorks Email editor has been upgraded to support multi-column content and a few other new exciting features. These new features include:
  • Multi-column support: users can now drag-and-drop up to four Image, Text, Button or Code items per row in an email.
  • Social media item: users can now drag-and-drop the new Social media item to any row in an email.
  • More item properties: some items have new properties, for example:
    • Text and Button items now support a Background image.
    • Image and Button items now support Padding top and Padding bottom.
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Note: For more information of creating an email with new email tool, please click Create a New Email with Premium Email Tool

Note: You can click Upgrade My Organization to enjoy these new features. Please note the followings:
  • Email and templates created before the upgrade will become¬†'read only'. They can no longer be copied nor used for new emails.
  • The upgrade is irreversible.
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