After Enable Express Registration for an event, organizers can then view a list of express registration participants. This includes incomplete entries (athletes that have not completed the second step of completing the full registration from a computer). Below are instructions to view athletes and send reminder emails after logging into ACTIVE Works Endurance.

Note: We recommend returning to this screen every few weeks to check on the status of express registration participants (more frequently as event day approaches).
  1. From Organization Dashboard (Home tab), click event name under Your events
  2. Click Express registrations
    • Note: If express registration is not enabled, a message "Express registration is disabled" will appear
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  3. Follow instructions below to view express registrant details or send reminder emails
    1. To view participant registration details
      1. Check box next to participant
      2. Click View to display registration
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    2. To send reminder email to participants with incomplete registrations
      1. Check box next to participant
      2. Click Send reminder email 
      3. Click Send

Note: Your event team can always complete the express registration process on behalf of your registrants following the instruction in Complete Express Registration for Participants.
Note: Check the instruction of Complete Express Registration (Endurance)​​​​​​​ to view how the completing express registration workflow looks like from registrants' side.