Express Registration (formerly called Mobile Express Checkout) is a free feature allowing users to quickly reserve a registration spot and pay from a mobile device, then complete registration from a computer at a later time. The system automatically detects mobile users and offers the opportunity to register via a two-step registration process. Once the express registration and payment are completed, participants receive an email confirmation. A second email prompts athletes to complete the full registration at their convenience from a computer. This simplifies registration for mobile users. Express Registration could result in a 15% increase in mobile conversion. Some events have seen up to 40% of registrants signing up using mobile devices.

Note: Express Registration must first be approved by an Account Manager and then enabled by Client Care before the following steps are possible

Below are instructions to enable Express Registration
  1. From Organization Dashboard (HOME), click an event name under Your events
  2. Click Setup tab
  3. Click Restrictions and settings on the right
  4. Within Express registration section, check off Allow registrants have the option to pay first and register later during mobile registration box
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  • Note: Once this option is enabled, a warning message appears and stating: If Express Registration is enabled, team discounts will not be available to registrants who join teams during Step 2 of Express Registration
5.  Click Save & continue

Note: Participants using Express Registration won't be able to join a team during registration or transfer registration category after registration. If this option is essential for you, consider not using Express Registration.