Individual chance entries are used when a race wants to draw a certain number of participants from a pool of registrants. A chance entry registration is considered In Process or Incomplete until after the chance-entry drawing. The registrants whose names are selected randomly will be prompted to complete registration and the registrants whose names are not selected will not be allowed to register.

Please check steps below of setting up the Individual chance entry:
  1. Click event name under Your events on Organization Dashboard (HOME)
  2. Click Setup tab
  3. Click Registration categories under Event setup
  4. Click Add a price button under a particular category
  5. Select Individual chance entry within Price type drop-down
  6. Complete all fields (all required unless otherwise noted as optional):
    1. Display name: text displayed to athletes/participants and in reports
    2. Price: how much participant pays if his/her entry is drawn to compete in event
    3. Number of entries to draw: how many total entries that will be selected to participate in event
    4. Chance entry fee: price registrant will pay in order to buy a chance entry
  7. Click Save
​​​​​​​Note: Participants registering in a Chance Entry Price Type cannot use discount codes
Note: Zero Chance entry fee is allowed. Registrants are still required to enter their payment information at checkout but will not be charged. 
Note: Chance entry registration allows only one registration per order. For example, if John Smith wants to enter his entire family of 3 in a chance category, then John will need to complete 3 separate orders for each family member.