Below are instructions to create a discount in ACTIVEWorks Endurance. Many customers use discounts to offer price incentives to customers to register at a certain time or for a certain group, like members of a local running club. 

Note: We suggest setting up a generic code with no limitations to be used by your organization for transfers or re-registering participants who have already paid for a registration.
  1. Log in to ACTIVEWorks Endurance > Your events > click event name 
  2. Go to Tools and select Discounts
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  1. Click Create
  2. Complete all fields:
    1. Name: Displayed on receipts, 50 characters maximum
    2. Amount: Flat amount, percentage or net price amount
      • Note: Discount amounts set as currency amounts will only discount the exact amount set. This is best if you only want the discount to apply to one single registration fee.
      • Note: Discount amounts set as percentages will apply to the entire order (registration category and additional purchases)
      • Example: If the discount is set for 25%, the registration fee is $40, and the T-shirt is $10, making the transaction total $50.00, then the total discounted amount will be $12.50. This discount will apply to the transaction total, not the registration fee total. However, if the discount is set for $10.00 then $10.00 will be the discounted amount no matter the transaction total.
      • Note: Net price amount is the final price will be charged for each eligible items in one order.   
      • Example: If the discount is set for $5 net price, the registration fee is $25, and the T-shirt is $15. Only $5 will be charged for each item, it means the registrants only need to pay $5 registration fee and $5 T-shirt fee at checkout.
    3. Code: Unique code between 3 and 20 alphanumeric characters that participants must enter to receive the discount
      • Note: Discount codes can now be configured to include the ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + | } { " : ? > < ~ . / ; ' [ ] \ = – characters (the “ character is not supported in uploaded discount code CSV files).
    4. (Optional) Description: Internal-use only, 255 characters maximum
    5. (Optional) Expiration date: Specify none or establish start and end dates 
      • Note: Dates and times are following with your Agency time zone. If the start and end date are entered as the same date, it is valid for the entire 24 hours period/day. 
    6. (Optional) Maximum number of uses: If no value entered, uses will be unlimited
    • Note: In order for a percentage based discount to apply to a registration fee and two additional items, the number of uses has to be set to 3 or more. If the discount's number of uses is set to 1, the discount would only apply to the registration fee since each item is counted individually.
  3. Check boxes next to categories and price types to apply discount to
  4. (Optional) Check boxes next to additional purchases to apply discount to
    • Note: Field is grayed-out if flat amount option selected
  5. Click Save