Race Passes are an Elite feature. To use the Race Pass feature you will need to contact your account manager, and ask to be upgraded to the Elite product level.
  1. Log in to ACTIVE Works with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account 
  2. Click RACE PASS from top menu
  3. Click Create
  4. Input Name
  5. Input Price
  • Note: If VAT/GST pricing feature is enabled in Event Details, you can enable the Include VAT/GST in prices for Race pass price
  • Note: If Include VAT/GST in prices is enabled, then a VAT/GST percentage must be configured.
  • Note: Once VAT/GST-inclusive pricing is enabled, you cannot disable it, but you can hide the VAT/GST from customers by setting the VAT/GST percentage to 0%.
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  1. (Optional) To configure price schedule, check Price schedule (Time based)
  2. (Optional) Set dates/times and prices
  3. (Optional) Click Add price change to add pricing schedules if necessary
  4. Select desired Redemption period
  5. Set Registration start date and Registration end date
  • You can now set (and forget) a date range for the sale of a Race Pass, so your customers can buy the Race Pass only during this period. 
  • If customers attempt to open a Race pass registration page before the registration period, Registration is not open yet, please come back on or after [the registration start date] message will appear.
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  • If customers attempt to open a Race pass registration page after the registration period, Registration is closed message will appear.
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  1. Set Maximum number of uses
  2. Select the event or events this pass will apply to
  3. Click Save
  4. Your new Race Pass will appear on the Race Pass tab.
Note: Starting from Feb 2021, you can easily integrate a Race Pass seamlessly into your promotional campaigns by offering discounts to Race Pass purchases. You can discount Race Passes with the same flexibility as a Category Registration by offering a flat or percentage discount, and combine that discount with maximum number of uses and expiry date settings. See more at Add Global Discounts.

Note: You can also view the owners who purchased the race pass  (an Elite-tier feature) by clicking RACE PASS >  Race pass tab > VIEW OWNERS 
Note: You can download a Race Pass Owners Report following the instruction in Download Race Pass Owner Report
Note: You can now view the status of each race pass in the Race pass tab > name of race pass > VIEW OWNERS > STATUS column. Race pass statuses include:
• Confirmed
• Pending
• Unclaimed
• Canceled
• Valid
• Expired

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