Front desk or offline registrations include entries those for athletes that want to register in-office or on site, race participants, and those who wish to pay by cash or check. Below are instructions to register someone through the administrative user interface after Log in to ACTIVE Works with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account.

1. Click one desired event name under Your Events on Organization Dashboard (HOME)
2. Click Participants tab
3. Click Register Someone
4. Select one Registration Category
  • Note: If the registration flow is stuck after selecting a registration category, the possible reason is that the event does not set up a Date of Birth form question in event Setup > Form question step. This is by design that the system does not support making front desk registration for events that don't have Date of birth question. To bypass this issue, the event directors need to add a Date of birth form question.
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5. Complete registration questions section (fields marked with red asterisk (*) are required)
  • Note: If email address entered exists within organization, a box appears displaying registrants with that email address - click registrant name, then click Select to populate information into registration form (or Cancel to enter new information)
6. Select Items Available for Purchase (such as merchandise)
7. Apply Waiver agreements
8. Select Email confirmation option
9. Click Next to proceed to Participant Registration Payment (shows registration items, summary, total amount due)
Note: The registration price will adjust based on the current date regardless of when the participant submitted the registration (or how much was paid or will be owed - if adjustments must be made, create or utilize a promotional/discount code)
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10. Complete Payment information
Note: The subsequent fields dynamically update based on the Payment type selected (Credit Card, Cash, or Check)
Note: Credit card information must be acquired by the participant (this is not stored for security)
11. Complete Billing information - all fields (except for Address line 2) are required when entering a Credit Card payment (the fields are optional for Cash or Check entries)
12. Click Check out button

The final screen is the Participant registration confirmation - administrators may click on Print, Register someone else, or View Participants (buttons).
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Please review the following details that apply to offline registrations.

Required questions: All questions marked with a red asterisk are mandatory to answer. If you do not have certain participant details, you can enter general information to bypass this question. For example, if you do not know the participant's birth date, simply enter 01/01/1950.

USAT: If you have added the USAT membership to the online registration form, it will also be required on the offline form. At this time, there is no way to bypass this, so we recommend either entering the participant's USAT number (if he or she already has one) or collecting the money for the 1-day license from the registrant. An alternative to this is to create a duplicate registration category for internal use only (without assigning USAT sanctioning to it) and register everyone in this category. Please review the Add USAT Sanctioning and Waiver to an Event article for additional details.

Fundraising: Participants who are registered offline do not have the option of becoming fundraisers. Click here for more information on setting up fundraising pages for these participants.

Payment Method: The payment screen offer three payment alternatives: Credit Card, Check, and Cash. If you have the credit card number, enter the card details so that payment will be processed by 
Note: Offline registration processing fees are always absorbed by the organization and cannot be passed to the participant