When you add a charity and turn on fundraising, most registrants will see an option to become a fundraiser. The fundraising option is pre-selected by default. However, some registrants who have already signed up were unable to fundraise, or they may wish to become fundraisers after registration is complete. Below are example scenarios where a registrant could not become a fundraiser:
  1. A participant may have de-selected the option to fundraise on the registration form
  2. A participant was registered by someone else
  3. A participant was registered manually by an event organizer
  4. Fundraising may not have been offered at the time of registration

The following registrants will not see the option to fundraise due to legal reasons:
  • Registrants under the age of 18
  • Offline registrants
  • Participants registered by someone else

Currently the only way to become a fundraiser is through an online registration. To allow someone who is already registered to become a fundraiser:
  1. Create New Categories  priced at $0.00 and name it "Fundraising Only" or "I want to fundraise"
  2. Ensure that Fundraising is associated to this new category
  3. De-select any registration questions or additional purchases that do not apply to a fundraising-only registration

The participant should then complete a second registration and ensure he or she has selected the option to fundraise on the registration form. When finished, a fundraising page will automatically be created. The participant will receive a confirmation email with the URL, which may also be accessed by logging into https://fundraising.active.com  (including reports, making edits, sending emails, etc.)
How Can A Fundraising Page Be Setup For Someone Who Did Not Opt Into Becoming A Fundraiser During Registration, Was Registered Offline, Or By Someone Else