Below are the steps required to complete a new program setup after Log In to ACTIVE Membership Manager:
  1. Click Add program
  2. Step 1: Program, type in Program name (required), configure multi-tier purchase requirements, restrictions, appearance settings if applicable > click Save & Continue
  3. Step 2: Program Waivers, if applicable, upload you own waiver by clicking add another waiver > click Save & Continue
  4. Step 3: Package, add Package name > click Save & Continue
  • Note: More packages and options included in each package can be added later
  1. Step 4: Package Form Questions, if needed, click Edit form to add or remove questions > click Save & Continue
  2. Step 5: Package Email Templates, if needed, click View / Edit to change email content  > click Save & Continue
  3. Step 6: Package Option Details, add package option details > click Save & Continue
    • ​​Note: Package options are included within respective Package created at Step 3; More package options can be added later
  4. Step 7: Activate Package Option, select Set as inactive to continue building and testing the form, or Activate now / Activate at a future date/time > click Save & Continue
  5. (Optional) Step 8: Listing, type in membership description to be displayed on listing page > click Save & Continue
  6. Select Publish now or Publish later

Note: You will be redirected to program summary page
Note: From your membership program summary page, click Edit program to make necessary changes
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Note: Click here for instructions to Add Additional Package to Existing Membership Program