Below are instructions to add a custom waiver:

Note: Waivers may only be associated to an entire event (all categories and price types), not particular categories
Note: If the event is USAT-sanctioned, then the USAT Waiver automatically appears on the registration form
Note: PDF waivers cannot be created directly within ACTIVE Works Endurance.
Note: If a waiver is deleted after people have already registered and signed it, their waiver status will be changed to 'unsigned' since the original waiver no longer exists in the system. You will need to send out a Waiver Reminder Email to those that need to sign the new waiver. 
  1. From Organization Dashboard (HOME), click an event name under Your events
  2. Click Setup
  3. Click Waivers 
User-added image
  1. Click Add a waiver
  2. Enter Name of waiver
  3. Enter waiver body into Text field
  4. Select Availability
  5. Select Display in
  6. Select Apply to
  7. Enter Report label
  • Note: Report Label is for internal tracking purpose only, you can input a name of waiver
  1. Click Save
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  1. Click Save & continue

Note: If a waiver is added after participants register: