Below are instructions to enable USAT sanctioning for a particular registration category after Log in to ACTIVE Works with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account. Once USAT sanctioning is enabled, the USAT waiver automatically appears during event registration.

1. From Organization Dashboard (HOME), click event name under Your events
2. Click Setup
3. Click Registration categories on right
4. Click Edit next to category name
5. Ensure Sport type is set to Triathlon or Duathlon
6. Click Next
7. Select Yes for Is this a USAT-sanctioned triathlon?
8. Enter USAT Sanctioned Event ID

User-added image

9. Select an option for USAT 1-day memberships

User-added image

9. Click Save
10. Click Save & continue

Note: ACTIVE Network may remove the sanctioned status of this event and/or category at any time if requested by USAT.
     Note: The checkbox beside the USAT Waiver that appears in event registration can only be selected once the waiver has been read (scrolled through) by the registrant. 
    Note:  Non-participating team captains are not required to purchase a USAT membership. In the registration flow, when a customer registers as a Non-participating team captain, the USAT SANCTIONING section is no longer displayed.
For more information about the benefits of sanctioning by the USAT, visit