Event organizers can now display and collect acknowledgement of specific waivers for additional purchase items such as bespoke insurance policies, subscriptions, travel packages or other types of merchandise. This new feature ensures that you can collect liability coverage if a customer purchases one of those items.

Note: This is an Elite feature within ACTIVE Works Endurance. If you want to enable this feature or need more information on this feature, please contact your assigned Account Manager for assistance. If you do not know who your Account Manager is, please reach out to support at clientcare@activenetwork.com.
    Below are steps to add waivers to an additional purchase item: 
    1. In event Setup Additional purchases step, click Edit button
    2. Click Edit icon of an additional purchase item
    3. Click Advanced settings
    4. Unselect the My Events post-registration flow option under Availability
    • Note: The My Events site does not support the sale of add-on items with custom waivers, thus the Availability > My Events post-registration flow option must be unselected.
    • Note: Registrants CANNOT purchase add-on items with waivers for other people above 18, as a customer cannot sign a legal document on behalf of someone else.
    1. Under Add-On Waiver, click Add a waiver button
    2. Enter the waiver’s Name, Text and Report label, and set the waiver’s Availability to Everyone (default) or No one (to hide the waiver)
    3. Click Save
    • Note: You can now configure an add-on item with up to 5 waivers which are only displayed in the Waivers section when the customer adds the item to their basket during registration, the customer must sign the waivers before proceeding with the registration.