Multiple language tool can be used to manually translate registration forms. This is mainly for non-system languages of the form, such as custom form question, additional purchase, registration category name, price type description, waiver name and confirmation email subject. The translations configured within this tool will automatically be shown if the language added is selected during online registration process.
  • Note: Multiple language tool is a premium feature and must be enabled by customer support. Use this link to create a support case: Contact Support

1. Click event name under Your Events
2. Click Tools
3. Select Multiple Languages
4. Click Add a language
5. Select language and click OK
6. Click Translate of each item
7. Update Display Name to added language
8. Click Save
  • Note: Repeat Step 6 to 8 until all translations are complete
  • Note: The language of the confirmation email sent out depends on the language the registrants chose while registering.