Below are instructions for creating a smaller URL for your event listing and registration links. Sometimes organizations want to tweet or provide a more customized or pretty link to their customers instead of the larger event link. We suggest using either tinyurl or goog.le.
  • Tinyurl allows you to customize your link, but the results are not always a very small URL.
  • will provide you with the shortest possible URL, but it is not customizable
Use the steps below to obtain a smaller URL for your event listing:
  1. Get your event link: Get Event Listing URL
  2. Choose either tinyurl or goog.le
    • tinyurl
      1. Go to
      2. Enter your event link in the field labeled: Enter a long URL to make tiny:
      3. Enter your custom alias like event name or abbreviation of event name
      4. Click Make TinyURL!
      5. Your tinyURL appears on left side of the screen
    • goog.le
      1. Go to
      2. Paste event link in the field labeled: Paste your long URL here:
      3. Check I’m not a robot box
      4. Verify you are not a robot
      5. Click shorten URL
      6. New URL appears on right side of screen pre-highlighted
  3. Copy and paste new URL where ever you need it