This process will completely uninstall your Hy-Tek program as well some associated files. It will not delete any of your saved data
  • Note: Please review Need to Reinstall and Backing Up License File for Hy-Tek Products before starting this process to ensure you will be able to reinstall your software successfully
  • Note: Uninstalling your Hy-Tek programs does not affect your databases as they are stored in a separate folder from the one that stores the programs
1. Uninstall software
a. Open Control Panel
b. Under Programs, select Uninstall a Program
c. Select software from list
d. Click Uninstall
2. Delete product folder
a. Open Computer (Windows Start > Computer)
b. Go to C:\Hy-Sport
c. Right-click folder and select Delete
I. Folder names: SWMM8, TM8, TFMM6, TFTM4-2
  • Note: If you have more than one Hy-Tek program installed, only delete the one you plan to reinstall 
3. Delete folder with crystal report files
a. Open Computer (Windows Start > Computer)
b. Go to Program Files (x86) > Common Files > Business Objects >3.0 > bin
  • Note: If the operating system is 32 bit the path will be Program Files > Common Files > Business Objects > 3.0 > bin
c.  Right click on bin folder and select Delete
4. Reboot computer

5. Reinstall software
a. Via CD: Insert CD
b. Via web delivery: Follow First Time Installation instructions in web delivery email
c. If neither are available: Web Delivery Links for Hy-Tek Software