Coupons are used to provide discounts to families or swimmers where discounts are needed, other than the multi-child discount

Below are instructions to create a coupon for an existing program after logging into Swim Manager.
  1. From the Organization Dashboard (Home tab), click on a Program Name
  2. Click Discounts and fees under Registration setup (dark grey section on the right)
  3. Click Create a coupon
  4. Within the Coupons dialog box, complete the following fields:
  • Note: Coupon discounts are applied to all registrations purchased in an order, and only one coupon can be used per order
  1. Name
  2. Discount amount
    1. Numeric value for dollars off
    2. Number value for percent off
  3. Select how discount applies to payment options
    1. Discount first payment only
    2. Discount each recurring payment
  4. Check the box(es) for the registration groups that the discount applies to
  5. Enter a Code
  • Note: Unique coupon code made up of at least three numbers or letters
  1. Optional Settings
    1. Customize availability dates
    2. Limit number of uses
    • Note: Each use of a coupon is counted, even if used on the same order for multiple items
    • EXAMPLE: A coupon used on a single order that contains three registrations counts are three uses
  1. Click Save