Below are instructions to create volunteer jobs using Volunteer Management after logging into Swim Manager.
  1. Click on the Volunteers tab
  2. Click on an Event Name (representing a Meet/Event) or Create a New Volunteer Event
  3. On the Job Schedule tab, click the Add a job button next to the date
  4. Complete or enter the following fields - all fields are required except those marked as optional:
    1. Volunteer Job - enter the job name
    2. (optional) Description
    3. Location
    4. Day
    5. (optional)Volunteer Point(s)
    6. Volunteer(s) - enter the number of volunteers needed
    7. Job Type
      1. Public
      2. Internal
  5. Click Create a job
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  • Note: Repeat step 3-5 to add other new jobs. If jobs should be copied from a different event day, click Copy jobs. An alternative option is to click Copy jobs from another meet/event to save time.
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