If your team is using TeamPages to manage their website, you can join your team’s roster and receive communication from your coaches and managers about things like upcoming events and news announcements. To get started, you need to create a TeamPages account.

You can join a team in three ways:

1. Use a sign-up invitation that was sent to your email address by your team manager. The sign up invite will have a link that will direct you to set up a TeamPages Profile Page. Once setup is done, you should be able to see the organizations page under Teams on the upper right side of your page. 

2. Go to TeamPages.com and click ‘sign-up’ in the top right corner.  Choose “I am trying to find my team on TeamPages’ and create your account.  Search for your team and request to join. An invite will be sent to you and since you already have a profile page set up, you should see the invite on the Notifications Section. Once you Accept the invite, you should see the Organization page. 

3. Go to your team’s website and click ‘join team’ from the main navigation bar.  Depending on the settings of the organization, there will be a possibility that it will need an approval by the administrator. They will be the one to send you the invite. 

4.  Fill out the form and your request to join the team will be submitted to the team manager. Some organizations require members to sign up using a form and from the form, the organization will build their members and the invite will be sent to the registrants. It will follow the same invite process as if you do not have a profile page set up, you will be ask to set one up. If you have a profile page set up, you will see the invite to the Notifications Section


If your child plays for a team and you wish to receive notification emails you can join any team as a parent/guardian using any of the three options listed above.

Sometimes parents prefer that their children not to have their own email addresses. You can add your personal email and complete the name as that of your child so that they appear attached correctly to the team roster but all correspondence comes directly to you. Or simply attach yourself as a parent and have your child added to the players roster without an email address attached.

If you have multiple children and only one email address it's recommended you list yourself under the parents section and have your children listed on the player roster without including an email address.  

Please note that any request to join a team may have to be approved by the team manager depending on the team's privacy settings.