If your child plays for a team and you wish to receive notification emails and stay up to date to the team's events, games and schedules; you can join any team as a parent/guardian. First option is to contact the Team Administrator so they can assist you in joining the Team. It is usually the coach or the manager of the team acting as the Team Administrator. They can send you an invite through the email. The invite contains a link that if you do not have a profile page setup, it will direct you to create a profile page. If you do have a profile page setup, you should be directed to the Invitations section that you will see on the Message Icon on the upper right side of your profile page..  

 If you do not receive an email invitation, you can request to join a team by clicking the 'join team' link on the far right side of the navigation. Your request must be approved by a team administrator before you are officially a part of the team. 

Security concerns

Sometimes parents prefer that their children not to have their own email addresses. You can add your personal email and complete the name as that of your child so that they appear attached correctly to the team roster but all correspondence comes directly to you. Or simply attach yourself as a parent and have your child added to the players roster without an email address attached.

If you have multiple children and only one email address it's recommended you list yourself under the parents section and have your children listed on the player roster without including an email address.