As a Junior Team Tennis Coach/Captain you can create a JTT team in TennisLink. You need to be in compliance with Net Generation/Safe Play in order to access the JTT page. You also need to have the role of Coach/Captain assigned to your account first. Go here to Become a JTT Coach/Captain. Once you have these two items completed please follow the steps below to create a team:
  1. Login to JTT homepage
  2. Under My Options, click Create New Team
User-added image
  1. Select Section, District and Area from dropdown
  2. Click Go
  • Note: Only Programs that are still open for Registration, Allow online Team Creation and do not have any Scheduled Matches will be available for Team Creation
  1. Click link under Type column to go into program
  2. Verify all program information
  3. Enter Team Name
  4. Copy down Team Number
  5. Select Site Facility from dropdown
  6. Select Division from dropdown
  7. Check Coach/Captain information
  8. Check at least one Affiliations
  9. Click Save
    • Note: If you are ready to register players, click the Register Players link Under Administration. If you are not ready to register players yet do not worry. You can find your team again by going to the JTT homepage and clicking Teams under My Options