The USTA has made important changes to the way in which online accounts are established and maintained for adults and for children. These changes are in accordance with the laws surrounding online accounts for children; will keep your information secure based on industry best practices of using email address to login; and, once the accounts are established and linked, will also make it easier for you to navigate and complete transactions across all USTA digital properties.

In order to register children under the age of 13 for a USTA program or event, the parent and child must have accounts that are linked to each other. If either the parent and/or child already has an account with the USTA, it is very important to continue use of the same USTA account number, in order to maintain previous play history. Children ages 13-18 do not need to be linked to their parent's account, but need to have their own login established. A parent can maintain control of their 13-18 year old child's account by following the same process for children under age 13. 

If at any point in this process you need assistance, please check our FAQ page for more information, or contact the USTA Customer Care directly for further assistance.

NOTE: A JNTRP (Junior NTRP) self rate assessment may be required in order to register for a junior team tennis team. For 2023 programs, players will no longer have to complete a JNTRP self-rate as WTN is replacing JNTRP ratings

If your child has a USTA account and does not need to purchase or renew their USTA membership in order to participate:
  1. Go to Team Tennis TennisLink Homepage
  2. Click Have a Team ID? button
  3. Enter Team ID #
  4. Click Enter button
  5. Verify Team Details
  6. Enter Player USTA Account
  7. Click Proceed to Checkout
  8. Proceed through registration checkout
If your child is age 13 or over, does not have a USTA account, and is going to have control of their own account, please follow the steps below to obtain a junior membership:
  1. Player goes to 
  2. In the top right, click Join
User-added image
  1. Sign up with a new account or Sign In with your social account 
  2. Sign Up 
  3. Complete your registration info and agree to USTA Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  5. Once new account is created, go Team Tennis TennisLink Homepage to start registration process
  6. Click Have a Team ID? button
  7. Enter Team ID #
  8. Click Enter button
  9. Verify Team Details
  10. Verify Player USTA Account
  11. Click Proceed to Checkout
  12. Proceed through registration checkout
If your child does not have a USTA Junior membership and needs to be added to a family account in order to participate, the steps for you to complete your child’s registration and accept a free junior membership are below: 
  1.  Child does not have an account and needs to be added under family account:
    1. Parent navigates to 
    2. In upper right corner, click LOGIN
    3. Enter Email and Password
    4. Click SIGN IN
    5. In upper left corner, click the three lines to open menu
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  1. In drop down, click the down arrow under your profile icon
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  1. Select Family
  2. Select ADD A CHILD
  3. Enter child's info and check box to confirm you are the legal parent or guardian of child
  4. Agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
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  1. Click SUBMIT
  2. To register for JTT team, go to JUNIOR TEAM TENNIS homepage
  3. Click Have a Team ID?
  4. Enter Team ID #
  5. Click Enter button
  6. Verify Team Details 
  7. Verify Player USTA Account
  8. Proceed through registration checkout