Please follow the steps below to complete your NTRP Self-Rate on your mobile device:

NotePlease make sure your browser is ALLOWING pop-ups from TennisLink before starting the questionnaire
  1. Navigate to TennisLink Leagues Homepage (
  2. Click LOGIN button
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  1. Enter Email Address
  2. Enter Password
  3. Click LOGIN button
  4. Scroll down to Find NTRP Rating Info area
  5. Click SELF RATE button
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  1. In Adult Player Self-Rate Form, review General & Experienced Player Guidelines
  2. Check the box confirming all information provided will be accurate
  3. Click Continue
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  1. Start with New Player Experience questions
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  1. Carefully review questions in each section
  2. Read over answers on Review page
  3. When ready to submit, click Complete button
  4. Review rating on completion screen
  5. If satisfied, click Finish to complete self-rate process
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  • Note: If dissatisfied, please select additional option on screen
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  1. Screen will show recorded self-rate
  2. Click Close to close form
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