If you fall under the following categories, please follow the steps below to complete your Leagues NTRP Self Rate on TennisLink:
  • New players who want to play USTA Leagues
  • Players who want to start playing Leagues again after a period of inactivity
  • NTRP rating has expired
  • Appeal NTRP Rating Level link is not available
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Note: Please make sure you are using a supported browser and your browser is ALLOWING pop-ups from TennisLink before trying to fill out the questionnaire. We recommend the use of Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. If you encounter issues accessing the self-rate questionnaire, please try clearing your cache/cookies and disabling your pop-up blocker

Note: If you do not know which email address is associated with your USTA account, please contact USTA Customer Care at 800-990-8782
  1. Navigate to Leagues Homepage on TennisLink
  2. In upper right corner, click LOGIN button
  3. Enter Email Address and Password
  4. Click LOGIN button
  5. Under Find NTRP Rating Info area, click SELF RATE button
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  1. In Adult Player Self Rate Form pop-up window, please review General Player Guidelines
  2. Check box to confirm answers provided will be accurate 
  3. Click Continue button
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  1. Start with New Player Experience questions
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  1. Review questions carefully in each section
  2. Read over your answers on Review page
  3. When ready to submit, click Complete button
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  1. Review completion screen
  2. If satisfied, click Finish to complete self-rate process
  • Note: If dissatisfied, please select additional option on screen
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  1. Screen will show recorded self-rate
  2. Click Close to close form
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Note: If you have questions about your rating, please reach out to your Section/District League Coordinator as they will be able to best assist you with your NTRP questions. To find their contact information please go to Section League Coordinators page