The placement submission confirmation page and confirmation email received by the company after they submit their placement contains links to both view and edit their placement at any time, even after the Welcome invitation emails have been sent. If the company contacts you needing help editing their placements you can share their Edit link with them.
  • Note: The Support team at Virtual Event Bags is not allowed to modify or edit placements unless specifically requested in writing (via email or support request) due to potential liabilities. The best practice is all placements edits are handled by the company who created the placement.

Here are the steps to send the edit link to a sponsor:
  1. Log in to your Virtual Event Bags account
  2. Click into your Bag Dashboard
  3. Click Manage Content in the side menu
  4. Click placement name
  5. Click Edit button
  6. Copy link in your browser and send this to the sponsor
    • Note: Alternatively, if you want to edit the placement for the sponsor, you can edit it from this page instead of sending the link