For potential sponsors:

After creating a placement and getting to the payment page, you will see a box to add a Placement Code. The Placement Code is not required to submit a placement, it is something that may be given to you by the event director to adjust your price. If you do not have a Placement Code you can continue to submit your placement as usual.

For Bag Coordinators:

To find placement codes to give to sponsors:
  1. Log into your Virtual Event Bags account
  2. Open desired bag
  3. On left, click Content > Builder Settings
  4. See Card Cost Categories section
  5. Give sponsor the code of the placement for the price they should pay
  • Example: If the default placement selected is a $250 standard placement but you want the sponsor to only pay $100, give them the code for the $100 placement. The new price will be reflected upon entering the code before they submit payment and their placement.
  • Note: To create your own custom placement types, follow the steps in Define Placement Types