Once inside the bag, participants can engage with placements in various ways, all which have built in protections for the sponsor:
  • Placement Coupon Prints – The traditional discount placement allows the participant to engage via printing a discount coupon or emailing the coupon to their inbox. These prints or the email have couple protections built into them. All printed placements have the name of the participant and a special sequence of numbers in the top right of the print out . The number sequence helps the merchant monitor potential overuse. For example the number contains a participant ID(automatically assigned when people access the bag) then a dash and the number of times printed (ie: 01, 02, 03, etc.). Any number after the dash higher than 1 means the placement was printed more than once. The best way to detect potential overuse is to look for placements with a number after the dash higher than 1 when participants present the placement to redeem.
  • Online Discount Codes – The online discount placements are connected to a company's online store and share a discount code for participants. These discounts are usually for a percentage off a purchase. These discounts are typically (10-30% off) which are very common place discounts. Since they are so common these discount codes are very unlikely to "go viral".  Now if a company features a promo code for 50% or more off then the reaction could be different.