When sharing the Virtual Event Bags opportunity with your sponsors, the number one question they will ask is, “how will the event audience know about the site.” This is why starting with a solid communication plan is so important. It is the key to driving results for your sponsors.

The anchors of the communication plan are the attendee email invites from the Virtual Event Bags platform. Pro and Ultimate plans have access to three invites and Standard plans have two. The invites are simple, mobile-friendly and allow the attendee direct access to the event bag.
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To drive exceptional results for sponsors, you should also utilize all of the other channels available to you. We’ve listed several examples below. You can find the links to share on these channels on the Promote tab.
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Social Media
Using a Social Media posting tool you can create and schedule posts to your various social media channels in advance of the event. These posts can utilize the “social” link from the Promote tab or, better yet, link directly to a sponsor’s placement!

Example post on Facebook
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You can easily include a link to the event bag on your website, using either the website link or the widget from the Promote tab.
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Mobile App
If your event is using a mobile app for attendees, participants or spectators, you can easily include a link to the event bag within the app. Most apps allow you to add a custom item to the menu, which you can name “Virtual” or “Digital” event bag. When attendees click the link, it will launch the web-based event bag within the app, no integration required!

In addition to the email invitations from the platform, you will likely be sending email messages regarding the logistics of the event (parking, hotel, location, etc.). You should include the “email” link from the Promote tab within these messages as well

Lastly, we recommend you include a shortened link or QR code on your event signage as a means to drive awareness and show your sponsors how you’ve integrated all the tools together.
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Pro Tip: The Timeline
Best practice is to develop an overall event communication plan, with dates assigned to each of the above promotion mediums. See an example below.
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You can also include all of these items on the Schedule section with the Virtual Event Bags platform. Just click on “Schedule” in the menu, then edit to add items and modify dates.

Taking some time to develop a thoughtful communication plan will ensure that your attendees are highly engaged with the event bag, which will deliver excellent results for sponsors.