You may still be evaluating the platform, so before we dive in, let’s take a minute to review a few key reasons why so many events have made the choice to upgrade their event with a Virtual Event Bag.

If you are up to speed and ready to go on Virtual Event Bags, feel free to skip ahead to The Communication Plan

Better Than Paper. Way Better
Is your event still collecting sales collateral, coupons, brochures and other items from your sponsors to hand to attendees. Don’t be shy, you can admit it.

Surprisingly, a large number of events still include this as part of the sponsorship package. Why? Because old habits die hard. Event organizers, sponsors and even event attendees or participants are all familiar with the practice.

But does it work?

Forward-thinking events now realize that using paper to help sponsors message attendees is expensive (in time and money), wasteful and ineffective.

“Our participants like getting real stuff.”
Everyone likes getting free stuff, so if your event is fortunate enough to have sponsors that provide you quality, tangible items for your audience, then a Virtual Event Bag only makes that experience better!

It is important to discern between attendee “swag” (i.e. free stuff) v. sponsor messaging. Both, when done well, are perceived as a benefit by your event audience.

Let’s Go Digital
So you are now convinced burying your audience in paper is no longer the best solution. But why use Virtual Event Bags? Why not just use email or my website? We are glad you asked.

Death by Email
Email is “cheap and easy,” right? Wrong. An event organizer should consider the ability to communicate with their audience via email as one of the single most valuable assets in their portfolio. Therefore, using this medium for sponsor messaging actually has a significant cost.

Plus, what about all the other channels your audience uses to communicate? Social networks, websites, mobile apps, even onsite signage?

Virtual Event Bags enables event organizers to collect all of their sponsor messaging into one, central hub that can be accessed across any device before, during and after the event.

The Hidden Costs of Websites
Sounds like email is more challenging than expected, so why not use a page on the event website?  There are two primary challenges; design and tracking.

Using your website for sponsor messaging means you now have to collect content and information from your sponsors in order to design it to fit with your website. This means sending specs, building the proof and several rounds of revisions before finalizing the content. Even if your event has only 5-10 sponsors, this process can take hours (days) of valuable time.

The second issue is tracking. You can certainly get website reporting from Google Analytics other tools, but how do you present that to your sponsors?

The Virtual Event Bags platform gives you tools to enable your sponsors to create their own content and pre-built performance reports that are available in real time.

If you would like to explore the Virtual Event Bags platform in more detail, we invite you to take a tour.