Here are some talking points you can use to explain and frame Virtual Event Bags to your sponsors:
  • Virtual Event Bags takes the typically physical introduction to participants to a virtual platform to better engage customers where they already are (online!)
  • Virtual Event Bags gives you the tools to effectively deliver your message to the event attendees before, during and after the event
  • Up to 75% of event participants visit a Virtual Event Bag which is 10x typical email campaigns
  • Not only are you getting your message in front of the attendees, but you will actually see a return on your investment using Virtual Event Bags reporting

Virtual Event Bags typically follows this path between event creators and their sponsors:
  1. Event creator sets up parameters for sponsor placements like levels and content types
  2. Event creator sends invitations to sponsors to add their customized content to the bag
  3. Sponsors are guided through the placement process with the Content Builder tool-- it's so easy!
  4. Bags are sent to customers and event creator promotes bags to attendees
  5. After the event, event creator provides reporting to sponsor about the success of their placement