You have many options for charging sponsors. This deals a lot with how you will align placements with your existing sponsorship packages. We see several organizations who include bag placement as part of their higher level sponsorship packages and charge their lower level sponsors for an add-on. Others use Virtual Event Bags (VEB) as a way to allow their lower level sponsors to still participate in their event without a major sponsorship commitment.

Here are a few other additional sponsorship opportunities and ideas for your sponsors;
  • Include a placement for all sponsors in your existing sponsorship packages
  • Include placements for some sponsors (like for high level sponsors) and available for an additional fee for others
  • Offer placements to your sponsors and other local companies (whether sponsor or not) for a set placement cost
We recommend avoiding the temptation of giving the all placements away for FREE. Doing this inadvertently says "our event bag is not a good value so we giving it away." We have found events that go this direction have more trouble filling their bags with placements than the events who sell placements even at lower rates. Thing sold for $.99 are often perceived as a better value than those given away for free!