Sessions can only be deleted if they do not have any registrations attached to them. If a session already has registrations (even cancelled ones), system will suggest you to deactivate this session instead of deleting them. Deactivated sessions will no longer be available for registrations. 

To delete a session:
  1. Under desired season, select Setup 
  2. From menu on right, select Sessions
  3. Check box to left of desired session
  4. Click Delete 
  5. In pop-up, click Continue
  • Note: If the session has already associated with registrations (including cancelled registrations), the session name will be lightened and the Reactivate option is available under session name. Click Reactivate will re-enable registrations on this session
  1. Click Save and continue at bottom of page
    • Note: If your website contains links directly to the deleted session, be sure to remove them.
Note: To delete an entire season, please see our article: Deleting a Season
Note: To know who registered to the session, please see our article : Waitlist and Session Registration History Report
Note: To look for cancelled registrations, you may View and Export a Transaction Report