​One of the first steps when creating a season, is to set up all the sessions participants can attend. See this article for more help creating a season (Creating a Season)

Please Click Here to check the video walk through or follow the steps below to set up a session:
  1. Under season name, select Setup
  2. From menu on right, select Sessions
  3. Click New session
    • Note: To edit existing session select session name
  4. Input Session Name 
    • Note: Session name field allows 255 characters maximum. 
  5. Select Session mode
    • Offline session means a physical location is required for the class and participants will have face to face interactions
    • Online session means online classroom, virtual activity or video conferencing that students can join in via phone or website. Location is not required. Please click HERE for more information
  6. Entering Session Start and End Times
  7. Select Overnight, Day, or Both
  8. (Optional) Select Days of the week
  9. (Optional) Input Time
  10. Select session Location
  11. (Optional) Select Classrooms
  12. Set up Session-Level Registration Opening/Closing Date/Time
    • Note: Close registration on is required, please ensure a future date is entered for it if the session needs to be visible on registration link to accept registrations
  13. (Optional) Input Description
    • Note: Description field allows 2000 characters maximum.
  14. (Optional) Set Session Restrictions
  15. (Optional) Input Session capacity
    • This field defines how many participants can register
    • If "0" or nothing entered into Session capacity, no maximum limitation by default
    • If Session capacity is set more than 0, Waitlists checkbox get automatically checked to allow waitlists
  16. (Optional) Select Promotion tags
  17. (Optional) Set Membership restrictions (See Setting up Membership Restrictions on Sessions)
  18. Add a tuition
  19. (Optional) Next to Tuition Name, click Add price tier to set early bird pricing (see Adding or Editing an Early Bird Price)
    • Input Allow early bird pricing through date
  20. (Optional) Adding Session Options
  21. (Optional) Add Merchandise
  22. Set Display status: See Availability Settings
  23. (Optional) Select Session type
    • Note: Session Type is used to categorize your sessions, it will show up on your registration page as a filter which allows registrants to easily find the session they would like to register for.
  24. (Optional) Assign GL code
  25. (Optional) Input Internal ID 1
  26. (Optional) Input Internal ID 2
  27. Save and continue

Once you have created one session you can save time by Copying a Session rather than creating new one. If you no longer need a session and there are no registration you can also choose to Delete a Session.

Note: If an alert message pops up saying "This session is being edited in another tab" (see image below), please make sure the other tab of this session is closed when the session is being created/edited on the current tab


User-added image