Note that coupons are season-specific, meaning that any given coupon can only apply to sessions in a given season.

To create a coupon:
1. At your homepage, click season name
2. ​Select Coupons tab
3. Select New coupon
  • Note: To edit existing coupons click on coupon name. 
  • Note: Adjusting Coupon Code - If the coupon has already been applied to orders, we recommend creating a new coupon as changing the initial code will prevent the discount from reapplying if the order is later modified.
4. Input Coupon name
5. Enter Description for internal reference (Optional)
6. Enter dollar or percent Amount
7. Select dollars off or percent off from dropdown menu
8. From Applied to dropdown select what sessions discount should apply to:
  • All eligible line items in the order 
  • Most expensive line item in the order

    Line items refer to tuitions and session options selected in below step 10. If All eligible line items in the order is selected, discount will apply to all eligible items in the order; if Most expensive line item in the order is selected, discount will only apply to the most expensive item in the order.
9. Select which sessions to apply discount to
  • All sessions will apply discount to any sessions selected
  • Selected sessions will apply discount only to specific sessions:
    1. Select Edit
    2. Check boxes next to select sessions
    3. Save
10. Select to what your discount applies to:
  • Apply to tuitions and session options
  • Apply to tuitions only
  • Apply to session options only
Note: If you select an option that contains session options, you must select either All Session Options, or Selected Session Options. If Selected Session Options is selected, you must go in and manually select which session options this discount will apply to.
Note: To allow session option to be discounted by coupon, please see Adding or Editing Session Options in Season Setup to enable the option

11. Enter coupon Code
12. Set a usage Limit (Optional) 
13. Input date when coupon Starts on
14. Input date when coupon Expires on
  • ​​Enter in the Start and End times relative to the start and end dates
15. Save