Session options allow you to sell items in addition to your session tuition. Common uses for session options include meals, transportation, merchandise, etc. Please note that registrants are not required to purchase session options and you can choose whether or not to offer them.

  1. Select Setup under season name
  2. Select Sessions page
  3. Select desired session           
  1. Select Add a session option under Session options header
  2. Input Session option name 
  3. Input Price
  4. Select Edit details (Optional)​
    1. Input Description
    2. Input Session option capacity
    3. Select Display status 
    4. Check Allow this options to be purchased in quantities checkbox
    5. Check Allow this session option to be discounted by coupons
    6. Assign GL code (see Manage General Ledger Codes)
    7. Save
  5. Save and continue
To edit an existing session option:
  1. Repeat above steps 1-3
  2. Click Edit details next to existing session option 
  3. Make necessary edits
  4. Click Save
  5. Click Save and continue