Mandatory session options can be set up to apply automatically to the cart. Below are steps on how to configure a session option to auto-apply to cart:
  1. On homepage, click Setup under desired season.
  2. Under Settings, click Sessions.
  3. Select desired session.
  4. Scroll down to the session option and click Edit details next to Session option.
  5. Click Manage next to the session option type then select Create new session option type.
  6. Enter Session option type name.
  7. Select Display type as Auto-apply to cart.
  8. Select Display condition as Always display.
  9. (Optional) Select Question in Question condition if you wanted to add this session option based on the answer to the registration form question.User-added image
  10. Click Save for the session option type.
  11. ​​​Click Save for the session option.
  12. Scroll down and click Save and Continue.