Organization users can now configure a session option type with a rule that automatically applies the session option on the Registration form checkout page if customers select the appropriate answers to a custom question during registration. It is now possible to set up a session option that would apply automatically based on the answers provided on the registration form. For instance, if a customer answers “Yes” to the “Do you require daycare?” question, a Daycare session option would automatically apply on the cart.

To Create a Session Option that would Automatically Apply to Cart:
  1. From Home page, click Setup under desired season.
  2. Select 2. Sessions.
  3. Click on name of session.
  4. Under Session options, create a session option.
  5. Click Edit Details.
  6. Click Session Option Type dropdown and select Create a Session option type. Select Manage if you already have session option selected.
  7. Enter the following information:
    • Session option type.
    • Display type: Auto-apply to cart.
    • Display condition: Always display.
    • Question condition: Select custom question.
    • Answer includes: Select answer(s).

Note: For the session option to be added to the checkout page, both the Display condition and Question condition must be simultaneously fulfilled.