In advanced email editor, the conditional display feature can be used to configure the text area to be visible to certain sessions in confirmation email. Below are the steps: 

1. Click Setup under the desired season name 
2. Click Confirmation email on the right side menu 
3. Click Customize button 
4. Click Save and continue the first page 
5. Click a desired text box on the draft email 
6. Hover the mouse on the right side menu and move the mouse-wheel up and down without clicking

  • Note: If you do not have a scroll wheel on your device (i.e. you have only a touch pad), you will have to hover over the text field, then drag your finger down on your touch pad

7. (Optional) Under Conditional display, select All sessions 
8. (Optional) Under Conditional display, select Selected sessions 
9. Click the pencil icon next to 0 selected 
10. Tick the checkbox of desired sessions 
11. Click Save 
12. Repeat step 5-11 if you need to setup for multiple text boxes 
13. Click Save and continue to move on to next step