The basic confirmation email contains the recipient's registration details as well as information about any follow-up forms that are required for sessions they are registered for. This information is included in the right sidebar of the confirmation email. You can choose whether or not you want to include a header and footer image, and links to your organization's social media sites.

The body of the email is composed in different sections, or text areas. The default text area will be seen by all session registrants but additional text areas can be added which will be seen only by registrants of sessions that you specify. Thus, registrants can receive a very different email depending on what session(s) they register for. 

Please Click Here to watch a tutorial video walk you through the steps of customizing your confirmation email:

  1. Click Setup under desired season name
  2. Click Confirmation email on the right 
  3. Click Customize button 
  4. Click Save and continue 
  5. Drag and drop items onto the canvas from Add items section 
  6. Double click text box to edit email body 
  7. (Optional) To add an additional text area to confirmation email: 
    1. Drag and drop Text onto the canvas 
    2. Double click the text box dropped to add more content 
    3. Hover over your mouse on the right menu and scroll down to Conditional display
    4. All sessions to allow text area to display to registrants of all session in this season
    5. Selected sessions and click pen icon to choose specific sessions for whom this text area should display
    6. Click Save 
  8. (Optional) If you include a header image and/or a footer image, you can click the Replace in the center of each image to customize it.
  9. Click Save and continue 
  10. (Optional) Click Send test email on the upper right hand corner to send yourself a test email. 
  11. Click Save and continue 
NoteTest email allows you to enter up to 5 email addresses, separated by commas.