A season is a group of similar sessions that take place during the same time period (for example, Summer Soccer 2013 or Winter Break Lacrosse 2014). A season begins on the start date of the earliest session, and ends on the end date of the last session. You can create one or more seasons. We recommend that you create a different season for sessions that are set up differently. When you are ready to re-run a season, or when you would like to create a new season similar to an existing season, you can choose to Copy a season.

Please Click Here to see a video walk through or follow the steps listed below to create a season:

  1.  On Home tab, click Create a season
    • The Create a season wizard appears
  2. Enter season name
  3. Create session using this article: Create or Edit a Session
  4. (Optional) Set up partial payment option for registrations: Setting up Deposits and Payment Plans
  5. (Optional) Offer Multi-Person Discount or Multi-Session Discount
  6. (Optional) Branding registration form: Uploading a Logo or Image
  7. Use basic registration form or customize the form: Customize or Edit Registration Form Questions
  8. (Optional) Add a waiver using this article: Add Waiver 
  9. Configure any follow-up forms you want to collect for sessions in season: Setting up a Follow-up or Supplemental Form
  10. Customize confirmation email Release Notes: Advanced Email Editor
  11. (Optional) Set up automated waitlist invitation rule and email: Waitlist Automation
  12. Previewing a Season
  13. If you are ready to accept online registrations, Activate a Season; if not, activate later