A multi-session discount is an incentive to your customers to register participants for multiple sessions at one time. For example, a parent may be more inclined to register their children for two of your sessions if you offer a 10% discount on the second session.

Note: To qualify for the discount, a person must register for more than one session in the same transaction/order.
Note :  Multi-session discount limit is up to 2-10 sessions only.

Please Click Here to watch a video walk you through the process of setting up a multi-Session discount:

  1. Select Setup under season name
  2. Select Discounts
  3. Select Add new discount
  4. Input Discount name
  5. Select Multi-session as Discount type
  6. Select Application order
    • ​​Give benefit to my customer gives greatest possible discount to customer
    • Give benefit to my organization gives smallest possible discount to customer
  7. Select Eligible sessions to apply discount to all sessions or one session
  8. Select Give discount to as to decide how to apply discount
    • Input Discount rules
      1. Input session amount
      2. Select dollars off or percent off
    • Save