If you're wanting to limit a discount to specific sessions in a season, follow the steps below.
  1. Click Setup under season name
    •  Note: From Home screen
  2. Select Discounts 
    • Note: 4th option to the right of your screen under Settings.
  3. Select Add new discount or select desired discount from Discount list
    • Note: If you're creating a new custom discount or editing an existing custom discount, the Automatically apply this discount in online registration to qualifying registrations, has to be checked in order to display the option to choose sessions. 
    • Note: The other discount types (Membership, Multi-person, and Multi-session) will automatically give you the option to choose Eligible sessions.
  4. Click Selected Sessions
    • Note: Next to Eligible Sessions.
  5. Click Edit
  6. Check boxes next to desired session names in season
  7. Click Save 
    • Note: Located in Select sessions box.
  8. Click Save again 
    • Note: Located in Create a discount box.