All discount options, except coupon codes, are created in the same discount window during Season setup. Any discounts customers receive are displayed on the receipt confirmation email.

Multi-Person and Multi-Session Discounts:
They are applied automatically in the cart prior to the online registration checkout page.  As customers add or remove registrations in their cart, the system verifies eligibility, recalculates, and applies the discounts as appropriate.
  • Discounts only apply for registrations that are purchased in the same order (i.e. as part of the same cart)
  • More than one discount can be created within a season

Custom (Internal Only) Discounts:
  • Can only be manually added to an existing order by someone within the organization
  • More than one internal discount can be created per season

Discount Application Preference:
You are able to specify whether you want the order of registrations and participants to be considered in a way that gives the benefit to the consumer/registrant or to your organization.
  • Benefiting the registrant; customer will receive greatest possible discount they qualify for
  • Benefiting the agency/organization; customer will receive smallest possible discount they qualify for
By default, multi-person and multi-session discounts will be calculated to give the greatest possible benefit to your customer.
To change this for any given discount:
  1. Select Setup for the desired Season
  2. Select Step 4: Discounts on right side-bar
  3. Select desired discount
  4. Change Application order drop-down to "give benefit to my organization"
  5. Select Save
  6. Select Save again
When a customer is eligible for multiple discount and pricing options, the system applies them in the following order:
  • Early bird price
  • Multi-person discount
  • Multi-session discount
Example: if a customer is eligible for all three types of special pricing, the multi-person discount would be applied to the early bird price, then the multi-session price would be applied to this discounted amount.

Where there is more than one multi-session or multi-person discount that could apply to the same session in an order, the one that was created the most recently will apply. Percent-based discounts are always calculated off the tuition amount. In situations where the customer is getting an early bird price, a percentage discount would be calculated off of the early bird price.

Discounts For Certain Sessions:
Discounts can be limited to certain sessions.
To enable discounts for particular sessions:
  1. Select Setup for the desired Season
  2. Select Step 4: Discounts on right side-bar
  3. Select desired discount
  4. Choose Selected sessions from Eligible sessions drop-down
  5. Click Edit to choose particular sessions
  6. Select Save
  7. Select Save again