​Organization users can now configure a custom conditional discount with a rule that automatically applies the discount on the Registration form checkout page only if customers select the appropriate answers to a custom question during registration. For instance, if a customer answers “Yes” to the “Are you a goalie?” question, a discount would automatically apply on the cart.

Set Up Conditional Discounts To Create Custom Conditional Discounts:
  1. From Home page, click Setup under desired season
  2. Select 4. Discounts
  3. Click Add new discount
  4. Select Custom discount type
  5. Check Automatically apply this discount in online registration to qualifying registrations checkbox
  6. Select Question condition
  7. Save
  8. Save and Continue
  • Note: Although this discount is visible across all seasons, the condition applies only to the season in which it was set. You may set different conditions for this discount in different seasons. 
  • Note: This discount is applied only once per order per person.
  • Note: To create a custom question, please see this article: Creating Custom Questions