Create custom questions and add them to the basic registration form. You can also create a header to organize your questions

  1. Under season name, click Setup
  2. From menu on right, click Registration forms
  3. On Registration forms page, click Customize registration form
  4. Click blue Add form element button
  5. Choose Custom question
  6. Use these articles and tutorial videos to create different question types:
  1. Save changes
Use this article for details about Internal Custom Questions: Make Registration Form Question Internal

Note: To prevent agencies from using custom questions to gather consumers’ personal or payment information, agency users can no longer create or edit custom Questions or Instructional text to include the following words or phrases: card, visa, mastercard, american express, americanexpress, cvv, ssn, social, driver's license, drivers license, driverslicense, passport:
User-added image

The above validation is also applied when agency users edit a Translation of the custom Question label and Instructional text (the validation does NOT check for non-English equivalents of the prohibited words or phrases):

User-added image