This feature is used in regards to registering more than one participant on a single form. On the registration form, registrants have the option to use answers from the first participant for all following participants. For example, If you have the question "What is your favorite color" on your from and the answer for participant one is blue, the registrant can choose to auto-fill the answers for participant two and blue will auto-fill in the answer box for that question. This answer can be deleted and a different one can be entered. However, if the do not auto-fill feature is chosen for this particular question, all other answers would auto-fill and the color question answer will not. This feature has to be set on each question individually. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Under season name, click Setup
  2. Under Settings menu on right, click Registration forms
  3. Click Customize registration form button
  4. Scroll to desired question and click Edit in blue
  5. Check box for Do not auto-fill this question
  6. Click Apply
  7. At bottom of page, click Save and continue
For help creating a custom registration form question, follow these steps: Creating Custom Questions