For security reasons, all of the registration form pages on have pre-set time limits for completion. This is because each page contains personal information about a user and any dependents. As such, it is vital that the details on that page become inaccessible if for some reason a registration is abandoned or otherwise left idle.

For a registration form:
There is a time limit of 60 minutes of inactivity for the registration form.

However, there is a “keepalive” function:
  • As long as a customer is typing, then the keepalive function will keep the session alive. The timer restarts every time at least one of the above actions is taken.
  • On the other hand, if a customer walks away from the computer for 2 hours and hopes to pick up where it was left off, then the time limit will have passed. In that case, a new registration must be started.
If customers cannot get through the registration form before it times out, please assess two aspects of online registrations:
  1. How many questions are on the form?
    • A large number of questions decreases the chances a registrant will be able to answer them in a single sitting. Often they will need to find the relevant answers and may not be able to complete all the questions.
    • A better option is to create a follow-up or supplemental form for details that are not especially necessary at the point of registration but can be collected at a later date before the camp or program starts. See Setting up follow-up forms and Managing supplemental forms.
  2. How many of those questions are mandatory?
    • Camp & Class Manager is not designed for extensive registration forms or various long essay questions.
    • Mandatory questions require the system to run a continuous process to ensure they are being answered. This can overload the bandwidth on a long form, often causing server and other registration form errors.
Note: Inventory is only reserved for 15 minutes, so during a high load launch, if someone starts registration and takes a long time (>15 min) when they get to the cart, they will be told there is no longer capacity in that session if it filled up by the time they finish.

If registrants are receiving error messages that do not seem to fit the above criteria, please have them forward to you the details the technical support team needs to start an investigation.

This would include the customer’s username, the browser, the date and approximate time(s), the actual error message (a screenshot is extremely helpful), and any other unique details about the registration.

When this information is compiled, alert the technical support team with all the details so that it is possible to trace the origin of the issue.

Please see also Checkout form time limits for additional information.